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Fast Weight Loss Tips [18 May 2011|02:49pm]

Fat Busting Tipshttp://www.pro-thinspo.com/Pro-ThinspoFastWeightLossTips.html

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mag scans and diet tips [13 Mar 2011|01:13pm]


April 2011 scans..
models featured in 70’s remix photos..
Adriana Lima
Aline Weber
Anja Rubik
Delfine Bafort
Karolina Kurkova
Raquel Zimmermann
Izabel Goulart
Karlie Kloss
Eniko Mihalik
Anna de Rijk
Hind Sahli
Crystal Renn
Tasha Tilberg
click here to read post..
also on this post is supermodel diet tips
to keeping lean and body tight.

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Ana Mia Tips [05 Feb 2011|05:42pm]

www.pro-thinspo.com/gallery62.html This page had some great Ana Tips..
1: Water water water. Drink up ladies, it's filling, hydrating and satisfying. I find
the more I drink, the more I lose.

2: Diary. Keep a diary of your weight, goals, moods etc. This really helps.

3: Exercise. It's SO important to exercise. Even 10 minutes a day is better than

4: Watch others eat. All that slurping and chewing. You may find it grosses you

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Hunger Control Tips [25 Jan 2011|12:34am]

Pears - A couple of pears will eliminate your cravings for
sweets and help make your body to feel full. Rich in Pectin,
Boron, Vitamin C, Folic acid and Calcium a Pear can be your
best friend. Eat plenty of raw apples and cabbage as well. An
abundance of pectin and fiber in these foods will enhance
rapid fat burning by the body. Your body will be getting
energy from existing fat and not have an overwhelming urge
to eat and replace the nutrition. www.pro-thinspo.com/gallery56.html

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Curvy thinspiration [11 Jan 2011|01:32pm]

Victoria secret models runway photos...page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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[09 Jan 2011|05:21pm]


Click here for Real Girl Body Parts..
Click here for Real Girl 1,
Click here for
Real Girl 2,
Click here for  Real Girl 3
Click here for Real Boys....


Real Girl thinspiration .. click here.


photos of anorexic models, you pick a part ribs etc.
click here to see these pics even boney butts.



Click here for a huge gallery of real girl thinspiration...

Male and female thinspiration it is Unisex thinspo at its best, click here for tons of body parts
and tips


Real girl flat belly photos and cleansing and detox tips, click here

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[09 Aug 2010|12:17am]

Okay, so I have been working on this website called "From Fat To Skinny," (It's a webs.com site). It's audience is primarily aimed towards those who suffer from COE (Bunges but can't purge) and then resorts to fasting or sever restrciting after at least a week long episode of binging (Basically my life), and are still overweight because the uncontrollable cycle puts on all the pounds lost from fasting and then some. I was wondering if I wasn't alone in this? If not, PLEASE tell me. I hate this. I can't find a middleground; it always needs to be one of the two extremes.

If anyone wants the link to the site (NOT even close to finished) it's here

a lot of the thinspo is really old school, since i haven't taken the time to save any in FOREVER.
Oh, and if anyone has any links to sites besides blogs, pleassseee send 'em on over!

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[08 Jun 2010|08:25pm]

hello :) im also new

Height 5ft7
CW-132 :/

ana and binge eating, but never at the same time, usually for months at a time :/ im happier when im ana

people feel free to add me and/or talk to me :)

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Hey;) [24 Feb 2010|07:43pm]

[ mood | Good. ]

Hi, I'm new to this community. My name is Nica, I am 18 years old turning 19 this year. I am bulimic and anorexic at the same time. I just want to share with you all my stats at the moment. Ok, so here we go.

Height: 5'2
Cw: 114! Gross!!
Lw: 97lbs

This is really disgusting! I gained alot of weight cuz I am mostly Mia right now And my weight have been up and down nowadays:((

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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[03 Jan 2010|09:09pm]

 Hi! Im new here so just want to post my stats! 

Age: 20 
Height: 5'4
HW: 210
CW: 160
GW: 100 <------------I WILL GET THERE!!!  By 11th October MY HUGE 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to be thin!

Stay Strong Starve On!!! 

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taking it easy [01 Jan 2010|08:47pm]

i havent been on in a while. im doing okay now. im lost actually. one day im not eating the next i am and the next im puking. my mind is going crazy!

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Self-tanner [29 Dec 2009|10:19pm]


Does anyone know of a good self-tanner that isn't too orange? I'm super pale naturally and I'd like to give myself a little more color. My skin gets all blotchy and i look like death.

I'm getting it as a treat for myself because I've worked out for 4 hours (intense cardio) in the last 2 days. So happy about that :D

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thinspireme please! [22 Dec 2009|01:51pm]

I am looking for a buddy to talk to, get advice from and to get motivation from. I need a friend who understands. I don't want anyone in my "real" life to know. im trying to loose about 30 lbs.. im 5 2" im current weight is 125 ish i want to weigh about 95 lbs please someone help me out.. advise? email me aybunnie@hotmail.com

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Depression [16 Dec 2009|05:17pm]


According to Dr. Oz, these are the symptoms of depression:

•Loss of interest in things you enjoy
•Changes in weight or appetite
•Change in sleeping patterns
•Feeling of sadness, guilt and hopelessness
•Making other people feel depressed and pointless (bringing other people down)

Many people in this community have probably experienced depression. Do you agree with this list of symptoms? Would you add or remove any? Have you ever experienced any of these (presumably yes, since this is an ED community)? What did you do to recover?

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well..... [10 Dec 2009|07:02pm]

well i guess you couls say im taking a bit a recovery period. Im eating normal. I still have thoughts of how many calories are in the food i eat and how horridly fat i am. But im within a week or two ill be back to starving and purging anything im forced to eat.... but in the mean time.........

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New Pro Ana Forum [05 Dec 2009|02:04pm]

Hello girls and guys. I have just today opened a new pro ana forum. I used to maintain another forum by the same name, but all the posts were deleted for some reason and I decided to start it over.


Please take a look around. :)

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too much already [03 Dec 2009|11:08am]

okay so ive eaten 370 so far and then i do plan on eating dinner, but i also plan on getiing rid of it

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???? [02 Dec 2009|04:17pm]

okay so ive only eaten 350 cal. today and thats it...... thats it

stay strong.
(even though i dont know any of you yet)

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[02 Dec 2009|08:12am]

Hiii. :)
I'm new to livejournal, and would love support/friends/people to talk to.
I try to give the best advice I can, so I'm here for ANYONE if ya'll need someone to talk to. :)

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not trying to sound desperate [01 Dec 2009|07:04pm]

i sort of could use some friends, and support, add me if you wish, it would really help me though

thx. <3

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god, im huge! (no really, i am) [01 Dec 2009|06:54pm]

i currently weigh 152, its the most discusting thing ever. my highest weight it 163, my lowest wieght is 129, im so gross i want to cut all my fat off, ever felt like that?

i want to get to 115.
i have three goals.

and 4th-115lbs

i need major support.(as you can see)

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assistance please [29 Nov 2009|07:42pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

any advice on how to get back on track

&& does anyone know of any good diets that have worked for them!

i need some inspiration
please help me :[

&& any advice on what to do when you are anxious.

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Let's start again [26 Nov 2009|08:24pm]


So I'd stopped counting calories for a while. I fell off the wagon. But it's time to start again. I would love to do it with other people. I'm using LoseIt!, an iPhone/iPod touch app. Message me or comment with your email address and I'll add you as a weight loss friend.

The app is free and totally worth it :)

Check out loseit.com for more info.

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day three fasting - weakness beyond words [20 Nov 2009|08:59pm]

I feel like shit right now, man. I have a wicked migraine, and a wicked stomachache. I drank some water, but it's not helping either of these symptoms...I also have a pain in my forearm that feels like I smacked it on something and it's going to bruise soon, but I know I haven't done anything stupid like that lately. I've been fasting for three days now, if you haven't read my other post. Any tips other than calling off the fast? I want to take ibuprofen but I don't want to get anymore messed up...I'm taking Hoodia pills for the included caffeine and I took two of those recently with a metabolism-boosting b-vitamin pill and I was in pain prior...although I think maybe it might explain the stomach ache. I feel like I'm going to throw up yet haven't eaten, and I don't believe I drank too much.
But anyway, help?

P.S. This is not my first fast, I remember from previous fasts feeling immensely exhausted, but not this much pain, lightheadedness, or my ear ringing.

Thanks, lovelies <3

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Chest pains. Owowowowow. [23 Oct 2009|07:24pm]


I have these huge pains that start at the bottom of my ribs and go up to my nipples. They feel like PMS and awful hunger cramps, only farther up. I ate today, what normal person eats (fml) so it isn't that. My parents say it's no big deal, but I'm reallyfuckingscared.

What do I do?

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[22 Oct 2009|03:50pm]


Wow, was Kelly Clarkson ever phtoshopped!

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Thin is an art [21 Oct 2009|09:23pm]


More...Collapse )

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Homepage update [21 Oct 2009|06:12pm]


skiinny-wiishes.piczo.com was updated.
I added a beach thinspo page and there is new artistic thinspiration. Enjoy!

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[21 Oct 2009|05:36pm]


Oh God. I just ran 3 km of hills in 17 minutes 9 seconds and I'm so dizzy I want to puke.

What do I do?

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[18 Oct 2009|08:28pm]


ThinspoCollapse )

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