AshiixElainexx (ashiixelainexx) wrote in thinspire____me,

day three fasting - weakness beyond words

I feel like shit right now, man. I have a wicked migraine, and a wicked stomachache. I drank some water, but it's not helping either of these symptoms...I also have a pain in my forearm that feels like I smacked it on something and it's going to bruise soon, but I know I haven't done anything stupid like that lately. I've been fasting for three days now, if you haven't read my other post. Any tips other than calling off the fast? I want to take ibuprofen but I don't want to get anymore messed up...I'm taking Hoodia pills for the included caffeine and I took two of those recently with a metabolism-boosting b-vitamin pill and I was in pain prior...although I think maybe it might explain the stomach ache. I feel like I'm going to throw up yet haven't eaten, and I don't believe I drank too much.
But anyway, help?

P.S. This is not my first fast, I remember from previous fasts feeling immensely exhausted, but not this much pain, lightheadedness, or my ear ringing.

Thanks, lovelies <3
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